Vale Helen Lee

Today’s post has nothing really to do with Indonesia, but to do with losing a great friend. So with a very heavy heart I will attempt to do a fantastic person justice in the only way I can think of. So, Helen – if I fall short, I am sorry. I’m not going to pretend I knew Helen really well, or that we were best friends. Helen and Jasmine became friends through their pole dancing class – and over time, as their friendship grew, it seeped down to me. For that I am grateful.

Helen was a gregarious and effervescent person, full of life and enthusiasm. You didn’t want to be friends with Helen – you wanted Helen to be friends with you. Helen had this amazing intuition to know when someone needed a helping hand. Words needed not to be spoken, she would just seem to sense a person’s feelings and act according. A quick chat, bring a coffee, something small and thoughtful. Not grandiose gestures, and things that could easily go unnoticed to the majority.  But to that person – they meant the world.

Helen was taken from us far too early and far too abruptly through a terrible accident. One of the hardest things for us has been the complete disassociation and disconnection with the situation. While we are not far away geographically – we are worlds away in real terms. The whole thing has seemed like a bad dream or a case of mistaken identity. We wish it was.

Part of us still thinks when we get back to Australia, that Helen will still be around for a chat or a coffee, to regale us with tales of her weekend and what’s been happening; tell us more about her family; where her next holiday will be. Helen won’t be there when we get back to Darwin. At least not in person.

We regretted not having more time to spend to be closer with Helen. We’d both spoken about looking forward to catching up with her when we got back. Spoken of Helen seeing Jack again – now so much bigger than last time. Simple plans. Part of the trouble in general with catching up with Helen is that she had so many plans and so many friends! And seemed to always have time for all of them. Helen was so busy you almost had to book a spot – but always knew, when you did have time to catch up, her attention was undivided, her thoughts were with you and she was listening. Something we could all take note of doing more.

They always say in these situations that God has a plan. He surely must. There is no other reason such a beautiful, genuine, fun-loving and compassionate woman would be reached out for so young, so soon and so quickly. Whatever God needed a hand with up there – it needed the best. Helen Lee – we’ll miss you. We’ll miss not knowing you better. We’ll miss not watching you continue to glow. Most of all, we’ll miss such an amazing friend.

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1 Response to Vale Helen Lee

  1. Mark & Jen says:

    Sorry to read the news of your friend. Sad time . Thoughts with you three. Lots of Love Mark & Jen

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