Qunci, qunci, qunci

After months of cultural immersion, living with the people, sampling village life, doing the simple things – we were tired. Very tired. It was time to escape, be a lazy tourist and relax somewhere warm, well serviced and clean. Enter Lombok – enter Qunci Villas.

We’ve been to Lombok twice and stayed at Qunci. Both times with the misconception that we would brave the rest of the island and explore – only to  soak up the sun by the pool sipping first class cocktails. Lazy travelling that we don’t normally do – but very nice. Our time in Yogyakarta has been busy. Despite popular belief; it’s not a holiday! Jas has been studying full time and I’ve been busy at home as Dad to a very mobile little man. We’ve loved the opportunity – but it hasn’t all been lounging around the house! Coupled with the culture shock we went through as part of living in the kampung full time – it was really time to have a mini-break away, in some luxury, just relaxing.

From what I hear the island of Lombok is amazing. From what I’ve seen on the way to the hotel and from my deckchair – I’d say that’s about right. The people are very friendly and the scenery beautiful. Had we not been so tired, a bit more of a look around would have been in order. Instead a massage a day, fabulous Western style food from the restaurant and a hell of a lot of swimming was our experience of Lombok. We lived it up, indulged our whims and recharged for the final few months back in Yogya. Jack managed to win new friends (again) amongst the other guests, the hotel staff and the beach hawkers. His love of people and ability to crack a heart warming smile is hopefully something that will stay with him for the future. His keen eye for a pretty lady probably won’t fade either.

Anyway enough gloating – I’ll leave you with some pictures that tell the story better then I can and just say – we loved it!

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