Rumah di Ngampilan

We’re slowly settling more and more in to life in the kampung. There are many intricacies and details regarding culture and life to get used to, but we’re slowly getting there.

Real life for the next six months has now began. We’ve settled in to the house and it’s beautiful surroundings. Jas has started universitas, I’ve taken up my role of manny and Jack, well, Jack hasn’t really changed too much in regard to his daily schedule! He has suddenly developed the ability to crawl, picking his surfaces for maximum comfort (prefers soft ground). He has become alarmingly adept at getting from one end of a bed to the other so the days of leaving him amongst the false security of a “pillow barrier” are over. Jack and I have been working on our cup feeding for the mornings Jas is at uni – going well so far, takes a bit more concentration and patience than using a bottle, but we’re getting pretty good. Will post some pics at some stage.

Jack in particular is enjoying his time in Indonesia. Seems so far that becak rides are a bit of a highlight. We took him shopping with us down Jalan Malioboro the other day – his cheeks almost bruised from the pinching and attention! Had he not been wrapped up close in a lendang, this may have been a post appealing for help to find our missing child. He already has a keen eye for a pretty face and knows who’ll give him the most fawning attention. Clever lad.

We also had a round of family massages after a bit of effort in sorting out an appointment. Jas and I had kerokan (coin treatment) for masuk angin (colds). Not for the faint-hearted, and it does leave you looking like you have gills, but did leave us feeling a lot better. The princely sum for the three hours of massage worked out at around $11. Hard work but someone has to do it.

We’ve also been getting a little more social as we’re feeling less and less tired. I got out and played some badminton with some Yogya locals. I can’t even spell badminton properly (the spell checker is saving me) so fair to say – I lacked a little talent. Still, I think I’ll be invited back – if for nothing else than the entertainment value. Visitors have been fairly steady, coming to meet Jack (possibly see us) and we’ve also taken him around the kampung to get to know people and the surroundings. We’ve spent some time visiting some of the older people of the kampung and surrounds that mean so much to us. People that may as well be family and carry a special kind of humanity in their hearts. Just taking a bit of time to catch up with them, have a chat (well Jas chats, I listen, the conversations are normally in Javanese) and give them some of our day has become important.

We’re expecting our first visitors tomorrow, which is very exciting! We’ve already discovered a new place to eat and swim to show them that has great food and a tranquil setting. Hopefully the first of many new discoveries in our time here.

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2 Responses to Rumah di Ngampilan

  1. Chelsie says:

    Sounds like a ball of fun!, must be life changing 🙂

  2. budi says:

    nice blog carl, i like the picture too…
    welcome to jogja, enjoy the city n the culture…

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