First post!

First tentative post in a bit of a blog to keep anyone vaguely interested updated on our adventures in Yogyakarta.

As I’m facebookless i figured this would do me fine!

So far things have gone well. We arrived in Yogyakarta to be met with a massive line to get in to the country. We travelled in with around 60 kilograms of checked baggage and possibly the same in carry-on, plus duty free alcohol – so waiting in line so long was hardly ideal.The Visa on arrival cue was about five people long, whereas we had half the plane in our line of foreigners with Visas.  Made it through eventually and were home in the village soon enough. All three of us were pretty tired, and too some degree still are. The stressors of preparing to leave, then negotiating a few flights/immigration departments/cultures while lugging our lives for six months finally took its toll.

Jack has been mainly sleeping since he arrived, suffering from a slight cold but still have the energy to smile at almost everyone and everything. Jas and i have been settling in to village life, getting used to the early nights (not used to that), cold mandi (no shower, just a bucket of water) and the fantastic food on offer. I survived my first motorbike ride through the streets of Yogyakarta, getting out and about to have a look around on Oom’s 125cc motorbike. Apart from the gears being the opposite set up to my bike (cue unfortunate attempt to change up into third gear -changed to first) and road rules being an after thought, it went well. Going with the flow of things, not looking away from the traffic for a moment and riding very defensively appear to be the key.

Today we head to the University Club Hotel for orientasi for three days with the rest of the ACICIS crew to find out the finer details of Jas’ course, important things to do with our visa and the practicalities of living in Yogyakarta for six months.

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